This Is Family. This Is Love.

My name is Joseph, and this is my love story.

I’ve been searching for love since I was a young boy. For half my life, I looked up to men for affection and security that I had never experienced before. The relationships were pleasurable, but they never satisfied. I felt so empty within. There was shame I could not shun and a deep hurt that wouldn’t go away. The more encounters I had with men, the lonelier I felt. I yearned for love – love that would satisfy and bring joy; love that would never fail.

God pursued my heart. He showed me crazy love – relentless and pure. I met a people who loved God. They loved me so much. It was not the sexual or emotional love that I was used to, but an unconditional love that came from God the Father.

God wasn’t judging me. He was loving me. He wanted to forgive me. He desired a relationship with me. God never gave up on me. He has always been there.

As the love of God overflows my life, I no longer want to act upon my homosexual desires because I have found love in the right place, in the heart of my Father. As He holds me in his arms, I know that His love outlasts the ends of days. It goes deeper and deeper, and I’ll sing of Him until my voice won’t let me…

Dear friends, God loves you so much. Come as you are, and let His love change you.

The struggles are so real. But I am overcoming. I will overcome.

I’ve found family. This is Love. God is Love.



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