7 Things You May Have Missed In 2016

From our Youth’s Easter Service to the National Prophecy Conference and finally our Homecoming, 2016 has been an eventful year for the 3:16 Family. But do you know that there are also other milestones that quietly took place? Here are 7 things that you might have missed.

3:16 Internship 2016

3:16 Church Internship

Our Class of 2016 was a blast! Our interns journeyed through the Bible, served quietly in the Social Media Team and even learned how to produce a video. And little did we know that these small steps of faith would be the seeds that birthed the 3:16 Productions team and the 3:16 Stories video series.

3:16 Praise Retreat

Photographs courtesy of Joan Lim

Our worship team, 3:16 Praise, had a short retreat. It was a time where they learn more about worship, do a little technical workshop and also to bond together.


Photographs courtesy of Sisterhood

The ladies in the church came together as a Sisterhood. There is so much strength and beauty in them.

Strong & Courageous Leaders Retreat

Photograph courtesy of Mandy Lai

Our youth leaders gathered together in May for a time of seeking God and hearing about the ministry direction for the second half of the year.

Strengths Finder

Photograph courtesy of Eric Tham

There is strength in our differences. Our leadership team came together to participate in the first ever 3:16 Strengths Finder course, conducted by Eric Tham. There they learnt and discovered about the strengths and personalities of themselves and one another, learning how these differences can compliment one another.

Hillsong Conference

Photographs courtesy of Mavis Huang and Friday Night Live

6,302 km from always-summer Singapore, our young adult and youth leaders were in chilly Sydney for Hillsong Conference!


Photographs courtesy of Tabitha Tan

During missions’ month, our team of youths and young adults flew over to The Philippines to participate in E-Campaign. Now think of this, speaking publicly and preaching the gospel in front of over 50 people for the first time in your life! Now that’s faith in action!


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