Young in age but examples to the world

At 3:16 Church, we do not just have a youth ministry – We are a youth movement and we are determine to make a dent in the universe, for the glory of God! We are young and because of God’s overwhelming love, we are awakened and alive! We know it is because of Jesus, that the power of God is unleashed in our studies, sports, relationships and every other area of our lives and we are unashamed about our mission to change Singapore and the world, in Jesus name!

Every week, through our youth gatherings and Sunday Worship experiences, we are empowered to lead, serve and volunteer in all capacities. We believe that this present generation of youths, age 13 to 21, have the potential to be used by God in a way that surpasses every other generation in history. Because through Jesus, we are Strong and Courageous!

3:16 Life Groups

It’s always good to be part of a loving and supportive community. Get connected into one of our Life Groups.

3:16 Strong & Courageous

We are strong in grace, courageous in spirit, young in age but examples to the world. In Him, we are Strong & Courageous!

3:16 Kids

We mentor kids in God’s amazing love through fun, meaningful and interactive activities. Find out more here!