Develop Friendships That Develop Faith

You are not alone! Life Groups are our little communities for you to get connected with people who live near you, are in the same stage of life, or have similar interests. This is usually where relationships go deeper and spiritual growth is experienced exponentially. Get connected today.

To many people, Church is a routine Sunday activity. It’s a place they go to listen to a sermon before returning to the realities of the world on Monday. Each weekend, you can come in to Church and leave without being noticed or connected or impacted. At 3:16 Church, we believe Church is more than just a weekend destination. Church is not about the building or even an activity. Church is all about the people. Jesus died for the Church, He died for the people and He is keenly interested in our “lives”.

Here is where 3:16 Life Groups come into play. 3:16 Life Groups are our platform for you to get connected with the people around you. Grouping people in a similar stage of life or with similar interests fosters the establishing and building of strong friendships that develop faith. Through serving and praying together, going through bible studies or even just sharing of your personal lives, Life Groups allow you to invest in relationships that will count for eternity.

3:16 Life Groups

It’s always good to be part of a loving and supportive community. Get connected into one of our Life Groups.

3:16 Strong & Courageous

We are strong in grace, courageous in spirit, young in age but examples to the world. In Him, we are Strong & Courageous!

3:16 Kids

We mentor kids in God’s amazing love through fun, meaningful and interactive activities. Find out more here!