Believe In Life

We waited 22 years for our baby.

Pastors Shane and Susan Comiskey thought that getting married and having kids was the most natural thing in the world. They never gave conceiving much thought after witnessing friends get pregnant with such little effort.

Their first few years were fun and they worked hard together as missionaries but soon got a sense that starting a family may not have been as easy as they once thought.

Days stretched into months, months into years, then decades…

They never gave up expecting. Even after a devastating miscarriage and Susan’s pregnancy-killing battle with thyroid cancer, they continued to hold onto hope for that miracle baby.

Watch this story of never-ending hope.


If you know of anyone who is struggling to find support with a pregnancy, please contact Safe Place at 6265-6522 or email them at

Norman Ng

Norman pastors 3:16 Church with a passion to deliver the Word. He also leads 3:16 Creative that challenges the status quo to tell compelling stories through prophetic design & digital communications.

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