BROKEN: Thank You

I want to say a big thank you to every cast and backstage crew member involved in the Broken production who has worked so hard in the past two months to present to us a message so powerful and stirring through drama and dance. Thank God for each of your labour of love behind the scenes and the unquantifiable amount of effort you’ve put in so that many of us can discover hope and healing for the brokenness in our own families and our friendships. Thank you for building the church today with your talents and passions, with your energies and your focus. This church is truly not built on just the gifts of a few but the sacrifices of many!

I also want to express thanks to the many who came alongside to serve as ushers, the audio-visual crew, the Praise Band, Team PICS, the video production team, the lay ministers and also the service team who coordinated the entire program and prepared the venue for us. Special thanks also to those who managed the ticketing booth and the merchandise sales. There is also the group of kids volunteers who helped organised the Dino Party program on both days of the production and served the kids in love so well that deserves much thanks and appreciation.

Also, let me honour and appreciate all the friends and family members and everyone in the audience for taking time to come down to support this production. Thank you for the love shown to the production cast and crew by your applause and gracious words of commendation. May the message of hope and reconciliation continue to speak to your hearts and let your individual stories become as how the drama unfolded – a glorious happy ending.

Most importantly, I want to thank our Daddy God for giving His heart for families to us and turning dreams into realities. Thank You Jesus for being the first to sacrifice in such radical love so we would know what God’s family feels like and do likewise. Thank You Holy Spirit for without His working together with us, every labour would have been in vain.

Credit Roll

Producer & Director: Liang Shinan; Playwrights: Liang Shinan & Angela Chew
Choreographer & Make-up Artist: Bianca Tham; Stage Manager: Angela Chew

Casts: Kathleen Ang, Darrell Tan, Lydia Lim, Roslina Chua, Mandy Lai, Mavis Huang, Joseph Heng & Heather Lim

Voiceover Casts: Dawn Teo & Bianca Tham

Stage Crew Supervisors: Joseph Heng & Ivan Tan
Stage Crews: Cheryl Tan, Leonard Tang, Chong Wei Jian & John Pang

Audio-Engineer & Music Supervisor: Eunice Foo
Lighting Designer & Supervisor: Shaun Beins; Lighting Technician: Jerome Tio

Publicity Manager, Visual Art Director & Director of Photography: Mavis Huang
Still Photographers: R.Y & Tay Yi En
Trailer Editors & Graphic Designers: Mavis Huang & R.Y

Production Administrative Assistant: Mandy Lai

Praise Band: Eishen Serra-Lee, Stephanie Yow, Francis Lee, Marc Wan & Pastor Joel Peh

Venue Coordinators: Amy Foo & J.Q

Front of House: Tan Chuan Ho, Joyce Tan, Tabitha Tan, Catherine Wong, Isabel Beins, Ng Xiuzhen, Sundy Wiliam Yaputra, Iris Ee, Doris Khoo, David Khoo, Toh Ser Nguang, Catherine Sew, Jennifer Lim, David Ong, Adeline Ong & Annie Teng

Children Care Givers:: Jessie Tan, Oktaviani Sia, Isabel Beins, Debbie Yow, Adeline Ong, David Ong, Tan Chuan Hoh, Lily-Mae, Amanda Lee, Jenny, Jan Ng, Mitchie, Malcolm Tan & Linda Wong

Lay Ministers: Alisa Choor, Dawn Teo & Teresa Soon

Media Coverage Supervisor: R.Y
Still Photographers: R.Y, Austen Chua, Harry Derkenne & Tay Yi En
Videographers: Gabrielle Soon, Harry Derkenne & R.Y

And others who have made sacrifices in secret and loved in ways that went unnoticed!

On behalf of 3:16 Pastoral Team,
Joel Peh
3:16 Church Youth Pastor


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