My Hope: Pastor Joel

We recently asked Pastor Joel for his thoughts on moving into our new location at Eunos, and his hopes in this new season.

I feel that it signifies a new chapter of the story of 3:16 Church. One that may not be any less challenging or painful, but ultimately more glorious. The fact that we have a more permanent place does give us added stability for greater work to be done. By the way, I like the sound system, and location-wise it does appeal more to an eastie like me.

My hope for 3:16 Church is that we’ll become even more close-knitted, as we grow in understanding God’s love, and grow in the number of souls added to the community.

I see myself growing, loving deeper and broader, filled and overflowing with God’s heart for His people, and taking grounds for His Kingdom!

3:16 Church 

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