NPC16: Honouring Our Speakers Part 2

Thank you, Pastor Henson for faithfully and fervently carrying the message of Archippus Awakening in National Prophecy Conference! This Conference would not be a complete success without you! Indeed it was 马到功成!

3:16 Church National Prophecy Conference
Say to Archippus, “Rise & shine!”
3:16 Church National Prophecy Conference
Delegates responding to God & receiving an impartation from Ps Henson.

“Henson Lim was like an alarm bell shaking us out of our lazy beds onto the tracks to run for Jesus. Very fresh, non-judgmental message to awaken us to go do what God has assigned each of us. I find his strategic process “Awakened Aligned Assigned’ very helpful even for a long time believer.”

– Joscelyn, Conference delegate

3:16 Church National Prophecy Conference
Ps Norman announced the release of Chinese version of the book Say To Archippus -《要对基布说》in the Conference. ‘Say To Archippus is a kingdom book written for the kingdom people. It is the sounding of a clarion call for all to be awakened, aligned & assigned.
3:16 Church National Prophecy Conference
Ps John Cook (left) with Ps Norman (right) praying & blessing Ps Henson.
3:16 Church National Prophecy Conference
A man with many arrows!

3:16 Church National Prophecy Conference
Serene Lim, the woman behind Henson’s success!

'Behold Israel' Seminar December 2014
‘Behold, Israel’ Seminar 2014
(L-R: Henson Lim, Amir Tsarfati & Robin Lim)

2 years ago, I got to attend an Archippus Awakening seminar – Behold Israel and that was where I first met Pastor Henson. That seminar was catalytic in my journey of catching the Father’s heart for Israel, the apple of His eye.

I want to specially thank Pastor Henson for organising such an inspiring seminar. And I would have never thought that God would be setting me up to partner Pastor Henson, two years later for The Conference.

Pastor Henson and Serene, we love you and your amazing family. We are praying and we look forward to God’s special blessing upon “Awakened Aligned Assigned” seminar in December!

God Bless!

Pastor Ian Toh
Lead Pastor, 3:16 Church


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