One Thing: What Do You Burn For?

Have you ever felt that you are being pulled in eight different directions at the same time in your walk with Jesus?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the ever-changing world and that you are forced to live on survival mode?

Have you ever felt just being average at so many things that becoming extraordinary at the ONE THING that God has for you is simply out of your reach?

What is the ONE THING that God wants in my life?

There are 16 times that the phrase, ONE THING, appears in Scripture. They meant different things for different people. In this new series, we know you are not looking for a one-size-fits-all prescription. Instead, we know that the Holy Spirit will personally identify the unique ONE THING that pertains to you – fitting to your very own season and situation in life. This is so important because if we do not know what is the ONE THING that God wants us to burn for, it is likely that instead of burning bright, we will be burning out!

By discovering that distinctly personal ONE THING that God is speaking to you about, you can rise above the chaos and stay ahead of the crowd. Let the second half of 2016 be fired up by the ONE THING that God is showing you!

Come, join us on Sundays and double the blessing by inviting a friend!

Let’s grow in kingly influence together.

Pastor Ian Toh
Lead Pastor, 3:16 Church


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Ian Toh

Ian’s heart burns fiercely for the destiny of Singapore & her next generation. He loves doing life with young kingdom leaders & the top three people on that list are his three children, Elias, Jan & Isaias.