Alisa’s Mission Story

Hi everyone, I am Alisa. 2016 was an exciting year for me. At the end of 2015, the Lord impressed upon my heart to sell everything and follow Him. At Kingdom Invasion 2016, the Lord spoke twice and I knew it is time to respond. I started the process by talking to my mentors, seeking the Lord on where I should go. Someone suggested IRIS global ministries and their founder was one of the people God had spoken through, I decided to take a look at her ministry and missions school. On October 5 2016, I started my new season as a missionary.

In school, there were 250 of us from 30 nations serving, worshiping and seeking the Lord. We had the privilege to hear from amazing speakers including the founders and missionaries from other nations. Besides soaking and listening to the miraculous stories, we too had a chance to minister. We went to at least 10 different villages to preach the Gospel and heal the sick. We witnessed instant healing before our eyes – blind eyes seeing; backaches and headaches healed; even a growth of a leg that was 2 inches shorter than the other. The Lord also used my sister in Singapore to help set a woman free from spiritual attacks and nightmares. I remember meeting a lady who had been experiencing chest pains, and after praying for her she was healed and she danced and praise God for the first time.

I was blessed to be able to bless the people and and see how God moves through His people. Currently, I am waiting on the next step/direction. Instead of just bumming around, I am taking bible courses, working part-time and praying for the sick. I have been joining a group of brothers and sisters in Christ to reach out and pray for the sick. I believe that in this season God has called me to prepare, to wait and continue to exercise the gift while waiting. Missions is not just limited to overseas but includes local ministry too. I get to pray for the sick and release words of knowledge to bless and encourage the people I meet. For those who have a desire to serve in missions but are wary of the financial and cultural differences, you can start from where you are now. We live in a strategically-placed country where we have access to many nations!

You are free to join me or you can join our outreach efforts in the Church’s Sports Ministry or other missions organisations.


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